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Aviation Selective Calling System
SELCAL Encoder



SELCAL Presets Panel

The low cost software-based SELCAL encoder

Windows 10™ Compatible

Used by airlines and aeronautical radio operators to "page" specific aircraft during flight via HF or VHF radio. Quick installation and setup, simple to use.

Unlimited user-defined Memory Presets and quick lookup (v.3.1+)

Control any transmitter directly with ComTekk Universal Radio Interface

Auto mode-switching AM/SSB for CODAN radios (v.4.0+)

Functions as a radio console with computer headset

PTT (Push-to-Talk) via serial/USB or VOX

Log file keeps record of SELCAL calls sent

Security features keep codes and settings confidential

Built-in calibration system for high accuracy
  (not required when used with ComTekk Universal Radio Interface).

15-Day Free Demo available

Read on for complete description...OR see the online User Manual.

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How it works:

ComTekk SELCAL generates Aviation SELCAL or selective-calling tones using your computer's sound card:


computer-radio interface

ComTekk's SELCAL system is compatible with virtually any radio when used with our Universal Radio Interface

(Note: EIA tone-remote is not currently supported by ComTekk SELCAL)


SELCAL is an international signaling protocol which allows airline radio operators to contact specific aircraft over HF of VHF radio while in flight. The SELCAL decoder on board each aircraft is assigned a unique 4-letter code. This allows the receiver audio to be muted until that code is received, alerting the crew there is a radio call for them. This way, they do not have to be distracted by radio traffic intended for other planes.

ComTekk SELCAL (meets ARINC-714 / ICAO Annex 10 international standard) is a dual-tone (2x2) format similar to DTMF, but uses 16 different tone frequencies. Each digit or letter in the code sequence refers to an audio tone frequency. The first two digits comprise the first tone pair, and the last two digits determine the second pair of tone frequencies.

ComTekk SELCAL includes a convenient auto-calibration system which compensates for errors in the sound card's timebase, ensuring accurate tones are produced. Accuracy is critical, as the tone frequencies must be very precise in order to be decoded by the aircraft's electronic decoder.


For best results, we highly recommend using our Universal Radio Interface, which has a temperature-stabilized quartz oscillator for highly accurate tone encoding.

We cannot guarantee the specifications of any third-party equipment used with or controlled by our software products. Use of our software is limited to the terms and conditions as provided within the included end-user license agreement (EULA) available for download at our website.

Due to it’s technical nature, installation and alignment should only be performed by a trained, qualified avionics technician.



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ComTekk SELCAL System

Complete system includes:


* ComTekk SELCAL Encoder software
* ComTekk CRF Universal Radio Interface
[ Spec Sheet ]
* Custom radio interface cable
(must specify radio make/model)
* Online User Manual
* CDs with software and drivers


ComTekk SELCAL Encoder
Software Only

Aviation SELCAL encoder software only, for single computer. (includes software and online manual)

To upgrade from Version 2, please contact us.







* If connecting directly to computer, Sound card isolators are highly recommended to prevent possible damage to sound card and computer (included in kit interface). The author assumes no liability for damages of any kind.

For more information on connecting to sound cards, click here. Direct radio interface unit supplied with kits. Call or send an email for more information.


**Minimum System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista™/7, 8, 10
Software requires less than 20MB disk space
16-bit audio device or ComTekk radio interface (recommended)




We believe in giving back to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their communites.


ComTekk is a proud supporter of the
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

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